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Podcast for Teachers
SM is a conversation about Education, Technology, and Podcasting produced by the Regional Educational Technology Center (RETC) of Fordham University, Bronx, NY


Podcast for TeachersSM has become a very popular weekly podcast listened to thousands of people around the world.
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The Process: Podcast for Teachers is produced by real educators for real educators on common office technology. The sessions are recorded on a laptop computer in a classroom at RETC's building on Fordham Road. Afterward, the recording is edited to remove coughs, "ums", and pauses as well as the noise outside our window from buses, trucks, and pedestrian traffic .

The edited file is saved in MP3 format and uploaded via the web to AudioBlog, a low cost subscription service whose server puts the recording out as a an "RSS feed". This is then "posted" on a variety of free web-based podcast posting services. iTunes and Podcast Alley are a couple of sites where they can be found. The entire process is just a tad complicated to figure out, but definitely do-able. Weeks into the project, it became very simple to us. So it goes with today's digital media.

The Technology: We use a single standard Toshiba laptop to process our recording. We've experimented with a variety of audio processing software titles and will try others as part of our ongoing search for educator friendly, free or low cost resources that are easy to use and easy to learn. Currently, we are using Adobe Audition (free trial download available). Generally, we use the same software to edit that we use to record.

We started out with a very inexpensive Labtec microphone that cost roughly $10. Almost any computer/technology story carries this type. We shared the single mic around the table among speakers. As you can see from our first couple of podcasts, it gave us satisfactory results. We are never satisfied and have been experimenting with others that are in the
$50 cost range. They do give better sound quality. Starting with PFT #4, we began using 2 microphones and running them through a low cost sound mixer.

We'll keep you posted as we refine our process. We have proven already though, that a highly functional, eminently listenable podcast can be produced with very little investment of funds.

We consider that producing Podcast for Teachers is a project in which we at RETC learn about podcasting and its uses, significance, and implications for education. Furthermore, Podcast for Teachers
© is intended to model the experience of learning to podcast for other educators. Our podcast also offers discussions about news and developments in the field of Educational Technology as well as promising resources and practices that we feel may be of interest to colleagues.

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Please feel free to contact us with feedback about the PFT sessions, suggestions for subjects to discuss, and to ask questions about podcasting and Educational Technology.   Email podcastforteachers@gmail.com

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Latest News: Look for  forthcoming information about a book to be released this summer (2006) from Podcast for Teachers -
to be published with Inforamtion Age Publishing, Inc. News will be posted at http://www.retc.fordham.edu/awards.html#press

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