The PFT Top 10 List of
Educational Technology Themes

"To wrap your brain around in '06"
In the tradition of many other people in other traditions... something familiar but different........
from Podcast for Teachers the "PFT Top 10 List  of Educational Technology Themes" of 2006.

Something to keep those grey cells active at high speed- "wrap your brain" around these themes and explore them with us each week on our podcast.

At this time, this list is not prioritized in any way.

Only time will tell which are the "Killer Issues" and which the "iDogs" of the coming year.

These themes constitute a framework for the content of Podcast For Teachers in 2006. We will be returning to them over and over again as we continue to explore and reflect on developments in the field of Educational Technology.

Need some background 411 on these themes? Follow the links below to selected articles and information resources about them!

1 to 1 Computing - student laptop inititiatives, etc.
One to One in Ten:
Center for Digital Education:
(links at bottom of Home Page for documents: "Toward a One-to-One World" and "Higher Education Mobile Learning Handbook")
The Student Laptop Computer in Classrooms - Not Just a Tool:

Podcasting, videocasting, webcasting, etceteracasting
There's Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education:
Podcasting Craze Comes to K-12 Schools:
Yahoo Groups - Podcasting/Education:
The need for/probable soon-to-happen explosion in Digital Content
NCTE Digital Content:
Digital Content for Education and Training:
New Zealand Digital Strategy:
Googling Up - advances in Search technology and their impact on Education
Search Engine Guide:
Searching for help with technology integration?:
Computer Game-based Learning
Digital Game-based Learning:
True Believers: Digital Game-Based Learning in the Military:
Microsoft explores new game-based learning environment:
Smart Toys - the impending heavy impact these informal education devices will have on formal education
The Sydney Morning Herald:
Technology and the Very Young: Lapware, Smart Toys, and Beyond:
Session review: Learning with Smart Toys:
The $100 Laptop Computer
The $100 laptop moves closer to reality:
Quanta to build Negroponte's $100 laptop:,10801,107056,00.html
MIT to Launch $100 Laptop Prototype:
Tablet PCs - what happened to this revolution in portable computing? Will it finally boot up in '06?
The Student Tablet PD:
Tablet PCs: The Killer App for Higher Education:
Tablet PCs In Education: A Different Consenus:
21st Century Literacy Skills - has Education's most important agenda been totally ignored? So much more to think, say, and do on this subject.
21st Century Skills and Information and Communications Technologies Literacy - From A Nation at Risk to ICT Literacy:
21st Century Skills - Standards for Technological Literacy (2000):
Partnership for 21st Century Skills - MILE Guide:
The Convergence of Youth Culture and the culture of Education. is Youth Culture:
Youth Culture and New Technologies:
Cyber Youth Culture: At the Intersection of Technology and Humanity:


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