Kathleen P. King is a Professor and Director of the Regional Educational Technology Center (RETC) and Program Director of the M.S. in Adult Education and Human Resource Development at Fordham University's Graduate School of Education. She coordinates several grants that provide professional development of teachers in educational technology and also non-technology content areas. These include NY City Department of Education Title III and Title IID grants, US Department of Justice grant, and a US Department of Education FIPSE grant that serves teachers across the nation via online technologies. The RETC serves as a dynamic base for these many initiatives in professional development services, partnerships, and research.

She has planned, designed, conducted, and researched faculty and staff development in educational technology for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, organizations, and corporations. Her background is also distinct in that although she is an educator, she also has been a "techie" as a private computer consultant for hardware and software purchasing and troubleshooting and training for several years. Dr. King is recognized for her unique expertise in combining her knowledge of adult education with computer technology in faculty and staff development.

Dr. King has authored several books including, Bringing Transformative Learning to Life (2005); a two-volume series about professional development of educators: Keeping Pace with Technology: Educational Technology that Transforms (2002, 2003), a co-authored book: A Model for Planning for Effective Faculty Development: Using Adult Learning Principles (with P. A. Lawler, 2000), and co-edited volume: New Perspectives on Designing and Implementing Professional Development of Teachers of Adults (with Lawler, 2003). In addition, King is founding editor of the adult education journal, Perspectives; The New York Journal of Adult Learning. King has made numerous invited keynotes and refereed presentations at local, national and international conferences on the topics of distance education, faculty development, transformational learning, and educational technology.

Before coming to Fordham in 1997, Dr. King also taught at Widener University , Holy Family College , and the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. King received her Ed.D. from Widener University , Chester , Pennsylvania . She also has a M.Ed. in Adult Education from Widener, a M.A. from Columbia International, Columbia , SC and a B.A. from Brown University , Providence , RI .